Weekly Feature #6



Me at thirty years old is so different from me in my twenties. I have never been so committed, so active, so loving, so forgiving and many more! I guess marriage and motherhood did me good. Back then I would live for late nights, alcohol and poker; at present I enjoy being healthy, fit and creative. I used to be so conscious whenever I gained weight, whenever my skin gets tanned from the sun…I always used to care so much about how people perceived me. Here are some facts about the younger me:

1. I used to be anorexic.

2. I was very scared to sleep.

3. I was terrified of being happy.

4. I wanted a child but I didn’t like the “gaining weight” part of pregnancy.

5. I spent most of my time daydreaming.

6. I am very paranoid about my friends. When somebody accidentally ignored me…I thought I did something wrong.

7. I loved money. I even volunteered to do overtimes and clock in during holidays for more pay.

8. You would rarely see me in flat shoes.

9. I drove fast….and furious.

10. I was hopeless.

And at present (30 years old):

1. I am happy to say that I eat regularly…sometimes more. I have cheat days…but mostly I eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. Nope, I quit being vegan.

2. I still sleep late…but hey…I sleep!

3. I bask in the sunlight! I make it a point to choose to be happy no matter what the situation. This is something Adam has instilled in me. It did not go smoothly at first…but look where I am now.

4. I did gain around 33 lbs during my pregnancy…but I really fell hard for motherhood that I didn’t really notice the “gains” until my old clothes fit just right.

5. Instead of daydreaming…me and my little family are making all our hopes and dreams come true! I used to dream of doing yoga, going surfing, being a good cook, traveling; I am happy to say I/we are able to do these things at the moment (and hopefully until forever)!

6. “I used to walk into a room full of people and wonder if they liked me; now I look around and wonder if I like them.” This quote sums up pretty much of it.

7. I don’t care about money… as long as me and my family are healthy and happy I am okay.

8. You’d almost always see me in flip flops or sneakers.

9. I drive safely and carefully. Thank you to my daughter for this.

10. I am hopeful about everything. Though my faith isn’t as strong as I’d want it to be…I know that I am getting there.

I guess I’ve changed a lot because of all the events in my life–good or bad. I got married; had a kid; lost my cousin; I have been happy and sad; I have laughed and cried…I’ve been a little evil and now I’m all about goodness. Being thirty isn’t so bad. It made me see how life is beautiful.

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