Weekly C o n n e c t Feature #9

weekly connect

Hi! My name is Tori. I’m 23 years young, based in Columbus, OH, and recently started a life + style blog, The Champagne Edit. I just graduated from Ohio University with a Bachelor’s in Communication Studies but also studied sales, marketing, and social media.

I begin my career in digital marketing in July, so I’m taking my fun-employed time to enjoy traveling as much as possible. In my free time (when I’m not blogging), I enjoy painting + drawing, playing video games, and of course binging on Netflix. 

So, why blogging? For me, it’s a hobby. It allows me to share my thoughts and express myself creatively. For as long as I can remember I’ve been an artist, and blogging for me is an extension of this. It allows me to combine my love for writing, photography, and design all in one beautiful space. The best part is that it’s a constant learning experience. I will always be growing my abilities in these areas. I’ll never be an expert, but I love that.

On my blog you’ll be able to find:

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