Weekly C o n n e c t Feature #10


Hi everyone ! My name is Zuemy Bourque I’m the one behind Zuemyland on Instagram.

I’m From Cancun Mexico and English is my second language so I’m so sorry if my grammar it’s a bit weird  I’m still working on it 😉 I been living in Sweet home Alabama for almost 10 years now wow! I can’t hardly believe that! I’m a proud mom of a little precious boy named Carter  and married to my best friend for almost 10 years now too .

I have always had this need to share my creativity and ideas but i never had the courage enough to start a blog and now with my boy I feel I have less time for it but maybe one of these days! Since I don’t have a blog a decided to open My insta account  Zuemyland as an outlet for me where i can  share anything that inspiring me but mostly my pictures .Im not a Photographer but i Been in love With Photography for a couple of years now .i feel that Photography helps me to look for the Beauty around me  i guess thats  why i loved the most of it because it makes me to Strive to look for those little details in Life and places that are Beautiful but nobody can see until you snap it and make Still so everyone else can enjoy it and appreciated.

I love to create things ! I’m a hard core Diy and Pinterest lover! The best combination right? I’m constantly thinking of something new to create but is a challenge to get things done with a  little one running around but its ok i enjoy more the moments with my son then anything else and i don’t wanna miss anything of it !. Also I have an etsy shop where I sell my handmade hair accessories and other things but lately I been creating little girls headbands.

Come visit me @zuemyland on instagram 🙂

Thank you for lespetitesclarks for letting share a little about me!❤️

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