W e e k l y Connect Feature #12

Hi All! My name is Katie Brown, formally known as Katie Love.

I love daises, chai tea, taking pictures, my dog Bennett, white wine, and all things natural and “crunchy”. I married the man of my dreams, and also my high school sweetheart when I was only 21, and now a short 18 months later we are (surprise!) expecting a little boy in July.
I started blogging because I genuinely love to write. I like to think of it as a lifestyle blog that has been temporarily taken over by my pregnancy and impending motherhood. Sometimes I blog recipes, or products I love, but other times I write more in-depth pieces about things that are really on my heart. Becoming a wife and mother at a young age gives me some pretty good material to work with, I couldn’t be more blessed in my life, and I love sharing my story, and reading others as well! I’m inspired by everything around me, and feel the need to capture it in some way whether that be taking a picture of it, or writing about it. On my blog you can find a little bit of everything, I would love if you stopped by and said hey!


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