W e e k l y C o n n e c t Feature #15

Looking back over my seventy odd years of life, I cannot remember a time I did not write. At an early age I found my hero in the photojournalist Marguerite Bourke-White and her work covering World War II. I was fascinated how her photo’s and short script told the story.

 I began writing professionally when after many years of living isolated with a food addiction, circa mid 1960’s, I wanted share my experiences; the ups and downs and the pursuit of doing something more than survive, I wanted to thrive. I wanted to create my own lifestyle, and that meant leaving the familiar and venturing out into the unknown. Along the way, as well as bringing up three kids and going back to college, I wrote poetry, essays and profiles of what I thought of as extraordinary ordinary people, part time, for local and regional papers. My attempt to have a memoir I wrote of my experiences was met with some interest,  from small publisher, with the caveat I rewrite it into a series of short stories, which, at the time, I found unacceptable.

 When my Mother passed away in 2000 I realized I was the only person left who knew the history of my family, thus I wrote and self published this history, with photo’s and historical papers, preserving this history for generations to come.

 Then I went back to my memoir and found, as I revised it, the stories emerged, now changed in reflection, tone, and style. Humor and irony had crept in. I added photo’s to help tell the story. And I realized I am not a memoirist, nor a writer of fiction or non-fiction. Like my mentor, Bourke-White, I was using photo’s and stories to educate, inspire, and entertain my audience. And, I remembered the lovely editor who advised me this was the form for my work. 

 But my challenge now was, what to use as a platform for getting my work in front of the public? My daughter suggested I look into blogging as a means of sharing my stories, now collected under the title of “What I Learned After I thought I Knew It All”. I hired someone to help me get the blog up and going, and Bohemian Rhapsody was born. http://www.midgegordon.com

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