Weekly C o n n e c t Feature #16

“You Love someone so much it hurts.” I never fully grasped that saying before I became a Mom. But now… it is a feeling that radiates through my being every second of every day.

As I rock my son and he lay curled up in my arms with a full belly of milk, I hurt. I can still feel his little 6 pound body curled on my chest just a year and a half ago. That he will never be able to curl on me the same way he did… I hurt that today is gone. That yesterday is gone… That today, I didn’t get enough kisses, enough giggles… And that I don’t get a re-do.

It pains me to leave him. It pains me to see him become independent. I tear at the day I will be sending him off to school and he is no longer completely nurtured by me solely. I tear at the day I will dance at his wedding.

This love hurts. But it is oh so beautiful; something that can be so opposite yet coexist is unexplainable and indescribable.

Can you relate?

My name is Brianne corporate chick by day and blogger by night over at www.TheSentimentalMama.com about things that I adore, products I love, collaborations, social media, kid fashion and photography. I am a Christian, a wife of 3 years, a Mama to #GentryHudson, a social media enthusiast and a lover of all things sentimental.  I crave interaction from other Mamas that are like me. I am the most active on Instagram, however I do frequent Twitter and my Facebook Page. I hope we can connect! I look forward to meeting all of you virtually.

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