What Encouraged Me Today #2 Featuring Tami.


“Today I was destined to cross paths with this woman. A young, pregnant, woman in tattered clothing. She had a backpack on and held a sign that said: Pregnant Please Help Us. My heart immediately sank. I looked down at my swollen womb & tears came only moments later. Traffic was moving and so I exited the highway, staring at my rear view mirror as I pulled away from her. She looked so defeated. I was dropping off my son, and plans had changed… I needed to meet at the mall versus the park and ride. I transferred my sleeping boy to the other car and waited for them to pull out of the parking lot. I walked into the store I had been parked in front of- @childrensplace I stood in a long back to school line and when I made it to the register I pulled out a twenty I had from the wedding I helped shoot last week and handed it to the girl behind the counter. “I would like a $20 gift card please.” I walked into the mall and headed towards @auntieannespretzels and bought a regular pretzel and a small lemonade. When I returned to my car I took out a marker and wrote the phone numbers for WIC and MIChild, a Michigan Medicaid program on the receipt for the gift card. I drove over to the exit ramp where I had spotted this woman and unborn child. I put on my caution lights and starting honking like mad, she finally turned around and came over to me. Cars were passing me, traffic was heavy. She’s so young. Such sad eyes… I handed her the pretzel bag with the gift card and the receipt with the phone numbers on it. “Please look in the bag, good luck honey,” she shot me a timid smile and said “God bless you.” It wasn’t much, but maybe it was enough to keep her going today, and hopefully I can help her find some much needed help with that beautiful soul she is growing within her. I was meant to cross her path today, for my plans to change… I was meant to help another… I cried on my way home. Good luck sweet girl, whoever you are.” – Tamara. Writer over on MamaSugs.com

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