Our New Crazy We call Normal.

How quickly our life has changed this past month.

Our routine has totally done a flip and I’m still in wonder how easily we transitioned into this new phase.

We go to bed before ten every night, wake up before the sun even decides its morning and our day starts. Feet running and head foggy still in dreamland searching for coffee.

Getting Zoey dressed, hair done and ready to get on the school bus.

That one hour before the bus arrives goes by in a whirlwind.

I still don’t know how I manage to wake up enough to do her hair. Ive never been a morning person.

Put a cup of coffee in my hand before my eyes open and then I will love you and mornings forever.

I am beginning to think I need to get a Coffee Maker.

I LOVE my frenchpress but I think I can get Joel (my darling husband) to make me a cup of coffee in the morning if all he had to do was press button.

 See its all a plot to get my husband to bring me coffee in bed lol.

After Zoey is off to school the feeling of “wow we did it” is like a mental high five to ourselves.


With only having Poet for eight hours would seem to make the day just seem a breeze with all the time in the world to get things accomplished- but for some weird and totally unfair reason  my day seems shorter! How is this even possible??!


The best part of the day though is when Zoey gets home from school and she and Poet run towards each other as though they hadn’t seen each other in weeks.


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