Meet Baby #3


It was a chilly October night, Your daddy was in the kitchen doing the supper dishes and I just had purchased a pregnancy test and gone to the bathroom to use it.

I still remember watching it- waiting for two little lines to appear. and none did.

I took that little stick into the kitchen to show Evan and tell him that it was negative and as we looked at it together we both couldn’t believe it- two little lines started to appear- so faint we thought we were seeing things and then your daddy started to laugh and I couldn’t even breathe- was this really happening?!

Your daddy started to kiss me and tell me how happy he was and I was so scared to even let let the happiness sink in -incase it wasn’t really happening… I wanted you so badly.

I knew you were coming one day but didn’t know when and then i could hardly believe you were really there- growing inside me.

It took me a day or two for it to sink in.


Baby girl we have been waiting so long for you to arrive.
Your sisters have been talking about you since the beginning and before we knew you would come to be.
They named you “shooter” ( haha have no idea and this will not be your name and I’m quite sure you will get another nickname… if it makes you feel better they named their fish Gyna…) and Poet told me that you come from the store where you get baby kittens.
Zoey asks almost every night how old you are and when you will arrive.

We can’t wait to welcome you and hold you.

We love you so much little baby girl!!!!!


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