25 Weeks Update.

I’m so behind on all things pregnancy on here.

And that is what 25weeks is looking like for me in a nutshell- SO BEHIND.

I feel like this time has flown by so fast and I have so much to do and yet to do that I haven’t done.

But I will share with you some of the things that I am really loving right now.

My bump finally grew!! haha.

for awhile there I felt like my little baby bump just looked like one too many cookie doughs and now its finally here- a real baby bump.


It has been five years since I had my youngest, and I am loving being pregnant again.

The first five months was torture- in and out of the hospital to get IVs since I had such bad dehydrating vomiting. I couldn’t keep anything down including water and there were days I was unable to even get out of bed.

It was really discouraging and hard to actually enjoy the joy of pregnancy when I just felt like I was dying and constantly sick.

But now that is over with- hello sunshine!!!!!

I am loving finding outfits and putting together outfits- I wear a lot of none maternity clothing actually- there are just a few staples of maternity clothes I actually need and want.

I’m currently loving to wearing jean shorts- or any type of shorts since it is the closest thing I can get to not wearing clothes. lol It has been a hot couple of days and I know now that spring/summer has finally come to the north it is going to be a hot one.

I am also loving finding summer dresses and jumpsuits which I can’t get enough of.

And speaking of things I can’t get enough of-

CHERRY PEPSI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I have NO idea why I love it so much….

I hate cherry flavored things- I love REAL fresh Cherries- but canned cherries or anything but fresh cherries I really don’t like at all….

I blame this one on my love Evan.

He loves cherry Pepsi and his baby girl does too. lol


More cravings that I have been getting is everything granola.

I need a good recipe for homemade granola if you have one- send it my way because I cant stop eating it.

I want it for breakfast- I want it with fruit and yogurt- I want honey granola bars- give me all.


25weeks also means my two girlies get to finally feel and see baby move!!

It has been so special to share this with them and they are so excited about their new baby sister.

Can’t believe we made it to the half way mark!!! only 14 weeks and 1 day left to go.


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