Pregnancy Cravings With Left Field Farms.


This post is sponsored by Left Field Farms, but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

One of the most hilarious and delicious thing about pregnancy is the CRAVINGS!!!

It also can be downright scary for those who are suppose to be fulfilling those cravings.

But this is neither scary or hilarious and its oh so YUMMY and Delicious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love smoothies- I mean LOVE SMOOTHIES!

Especially on a hot spring/summer days like we are having now.

I have the most easy two ingredients smoothie recipe for you! Super simple supper easy and SUPPER DELICIOUS using LEFT FIELD FARMS CREAMER.



All you need is Frozen Strawberries and Left Fields Farms Sweet Cream. Blend and add some whip cream on top and oh my goodness- it is heavenly.


Try out Left Fields for yourself by clicking here. >>>>


How do you take your creamer?


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