Meet Lainey’s Room ( Shops We Love )


Let Me Introduce you to Lori, the amazing Creator of Lainey’s Room.


Question #1 Hi Lori!  How Did Your Shop Come To Be?

I was looking for a new creative outlet for a long time. I knew I wanted to do something that involves making things for my youngest daughter, Lainey but my sewing attempts failed miserable, haha! I finally just decided that making kids necklaces would be a fairly inexpensive start as well as FUN for me. What started as fun has now become my passion. I’m constantly thinking of new designs and ideas and feel like I’m putting my whole heart into this shop.

Question #2 What Inspires You?

My kids and other kids. I truly just love everything about them and seeing their joy over something I made is everything to me! I also draw a lot of my inspiration from nature.

Question #3 Tell Me A Little Bit About You?

I’m a born and raised Portlander (yes, that’s a thing) and have never lived outside of Oregon! I love exploring the Pacific NW but have traveled all over! I’ve got 2 kids-Bennett (4) and Lainey (20m) and I stay at home with them. While it can be hard, it’s the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done.

Question #4 As A Mom How Do You Balance Running A Shop and Motherhood?

It’s been tough! Too much screen time and work my ass of during nap!

Question #5 We Love Your Shop- My Littles Have Worn Your necklaces and adorable headbands To school and for events and parties. Where can we continue to show our support for your shop?

 Instagram @laineys_room



I hope you enjoyed getting to know Lainey’s Room as much as I have loved sharing it with you.

I would love to hear about the small shops that you love,

Until next time.



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