Fathers Day 2018


It was such a special Fathers Day, I got to see my dad, mom, and little (not so little anymore) brothers who live all the way in South Dakota.


It was such a surprise visit and so short and sweet- and I am counting down the days that I get to see them again.

The girlies were so excited to see Grandpa and Grandma and their uncles.

I am so thankful for a father who raised me with love, compassion, and humor.

And I am so thankful my girlies are being raised with that same kind of love.


My dearest Evan,

Happy First Fathers Day.

Thank you for showing giving compassion when those days when patience wears thin.

For showing and giving the kind of love that I want my girls to find for themselves one day.



The bedtime stories you read them, the tickles, the hide and go seek, bike rides, walks, and just sitting there listening to them and asking them about their day.

The little funny things you tell our baby girl growing inside me, seeing the love you already have for her and that love you have for them, that protective nurturing love- it makes my heart overwhelmed with how lucky and blessed I am to have you.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Thank you for being a partner in life with me not only in the big things in life but for the little things too, thank you for all the dishes you have washed, the meals you have cooked, the laundry you have done, the late nights you have stayed up to make sure I was doing okay when life throws those bumps our way.

For going through those first couple month of pregnancy when all it seemed I did was throw up and sleep and yet you kept life moving and me hydrated and the girls fed when cooking smells just made me more nauseous. I am so glad those days are past us btw lol


You have shown me a love I didn’t know was possible- its a love that grows- its a love that isn’t based on how good or bad the days are, how happy or grumpy, butterflies or no butterflies, how tired or well rested we are, how rich or poor.

It is a love that goes steady and strong.

I can’t wait to see you hold our baby girl in your arms for the first time…

I’ll never forget when you told the girls that you would always love them, always be there to pick them up when they fall, and always be there for them…

You are already such a amazing and incredible daddy.

I asked Zoey & Poet what are somethings they love about  Evan.

“He is funny, I like going to the park with him.

I like him because he has a real beard and I don’t like him to shave his beard.”

~ Zoey Age 6

“ Playing Tag, I like to play hide and seek,

I like telling him stories.” ~ Poet Age 4

Never get a fake beard Evan haha

We love you with all of our hearts.


6 thoughts on “Fathers Day 2018

  1. This sounds like a really good weekend! Looks like you and your family had a really good Father’s Day weekend.


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