The Humble Soles.


As I write this I feel my littlest tiny wild move around inside me, and when I put my hand on top of her I feel her little tiny feet roll across.

When Zoey & Poet, were born I remember that feeling of being enamored by those tiny little toes they had and how soft they were- everything was so miniature… Its part of the wonder of becoming a parent, and seeing those little faces for the first time and memorizing each tiny feature… doesn’t matter if it is your first, second, or third, each time is just as magical and precious.



I love shopping for them.

Shopping for my girlies is way more fun then shopping for myself.

There are A lot of things I love about The Humble Soles,

One of the amazing things is that When you purchase from The Humble Soles, you are supporting the children of Nicaragua.  10% of your purchase goes to help feed a child, help a child get an education, or give a child a new mattress.   Each shoe is handmade by their skilled artisans, in Nicaragua.  Slight variations or small imperfections may be a result.

I think that is just incredibly awesome.

Another thing I love about The Humble Soles is not only are they so well made and look ADORABLE… they make this budget friendly mama so so happy.

Zoey is wearing their Luna Sandal.

And Poet is wearing their Natalia Sandal.

The Humble Soles also do a lot more then shoes and sandals, go check out their website at

We love sharing shops that we truly Believe in and Love.

Thank you for following along.


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