Through Pregnancy & Postpartum with Grey Bird & Co.

I. Love. Fashion.

I love clothes- I am constantly looking at clothes and admiring shops, putting together outfits…

Clothes haven’t always loved me.

Or I should say I haven’t loved clothes on me.

Shopping and trying on outfits I always walked away feeling too chubby and like I need to shed a couple 100 pounds and get a boob lift.

But that is changing!!!! I would still like to get a boob job because gravity and the thought of never wearing a bra to me is extremely appealing lol But I love my boobs how they are now too- no shame.

I LOVE my body!!! I have not lost any weight recently and I have just been putting on weight thanks to pregnancy and my consent craving for sugar.

But I really truly love shopping and trying on clothes now.

And the magical formula for that is just loving the body I am in now.

I talk a little bit more about that here.

It is not always easy and I know I am going to struggle again once postpartum comes along but it is a choice I am making daily.

Since Pregnancy non of my clothes are fitting because of my growing baby girl- but that means shopping time and I love that- I have been finding styles and clothes that will fit me now and during Postpartum.

My main goal when I try clothes on, is does it feel comfortable and do I feel beautiful in it.


Grey Bird & Co made this beautiful maxi skirt I am wearing- I love wearing it down or over my bump and its soft elastic fabric makes it perfect for transitioning into after birth.

And This Maxi skirt is COMFORTABLE and I do feel beautiful in it.

I love how Grey Bird & Co came to be and the creator and designer Ashley Mann has created such a amazing line of clothing that understands every woman’s body type.

She creates Dresses, Cardigans, Tops, and Skirts.

I can’t wait to share with you again Grey Bird Company & Co when baby girl makes her appearance.

Until then I am enjoying this bump and wherever it takes me in the fashion department.



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