My Must Have Baby Registry List


Each of my pregnancies have been so vastly different from the other and this one is no different.

Right down to how I am preparing and what I have on my list of things I need for the baby.

With my oldest- I thought I needed everything, baby bouncer, baby swing, etc etc. half of it i had to google when I could use it hahaha and most of it I used only once or twice.

With my second I still had all those things from my first but when she came along I found out what I truly needed and loved and alot of the stuff I had I didn’t touch and eventually just got rid of.

With this baby girl I feel so prepared for her it is amazing- I never have felt that before- always feel like I am forgetting something. ALWAYS. Most of the time I am lol.

So I wanted to share with you my must haves for baby.

*links will be at the bottom of this post.

First we have the DockATot.






I have had this on my radar for awhile- as soon as I found out I was pregnant with little baby girl I knew I needed one of these.

This is the perfect little docking space for your baby- I find it takes the place of the bassinet for me.

Just a few benefits from the DockATot and why it was my must have are here below if you would like to read.

REINVENTS THE WOMBDockATot® has been designed to offer a snug and soothing environment for babies. We like to think it's the next best thing to the womb. Babies can rest, play and loung


NEXT we have Ollie Swaddle.


I love swaddles- making this new transition from womb to world as peaceful and wonderful as I can for my baby girl and this is another item that helps with that.

THERAPEUTIC BENEFITS_Eases the transition from the wombDecreases irritability while promoting self-soothingEncourages calming to increase bondingEnhances quality of sleep to improve rest

My babies never really eurped up much but they drools like crazy- and when they started teething they were just drool monsters so I LOVE these bibs from Hemming Birds. They are something I am going to be using from newborn to toddlerhood.







Another thing on my Must Have Baby Registry List is a place where I can store the keepsakes throughout her childhood.

I have always had a hard time finding something other then a box or a plastic tub where I just throw their things that I want to store for them to have when they are older.

Savor instantly became a must have and a favorite and I am so excited to use this for baby girl and it is something I am getting for my other two girls also because it is never too late to become organized- and I so wish I had this sooner for them.






Designed for babies up to age 4, the Baby Edition Keepsake Box includes every detail to make sorting all your baby’s keepsakes – from the first sonogram to his favorite blankie – a snap. Acid-free drawers, vertical files for documents, even mini envelopes for that first lock of hair or first tooth, and illustrated labels help you organize and then find these cherished items.
The sturdy, custom-dyed fabric boxes of The Library are meant to be displayed like beautiful books and passed on proudly to the next generation, more fitting than that old shoe box.



My next item is a beautiful set by River Road Baby Co.

I LOVE their paci clip that match their soft bib.






This set is so soft and durable- It is going into my Hospital Bag for when baby girl comes.

They also make blankets which are so beautiful!!!!



Next up is for me!!!!!!! And baby of course lol.

My littles always loved to play with something while they nursed- be it my hair or other boob- both gave me discomfort when they were newborns- to this day my oldest loves to play with my hair when she starts to get sleepy- which is so sweet to me.

THIS would’ve saved me a lot of hair pulling and boobie pain though.






The Vintage Honey Shop makes Teething + Nursing Necklaces

for moms.

They are perfect for the baby to grab onto and I am so thankful I have this on my Must Haves.


Another thing I wish soooo wish I had for my other two baby girls is this Binxy Baby Shopping Cart Hammock.


It saves so much room- and the hurdle of bringing in the carseat into the store. and you don’t have to worry about those cart germs.

This is another must have from Newborn and that first two years. I LOVE THIS!!!!




Something that saves your swaddles from becoming a booger blanket is urp up cloths. And so of course I had to have this one from Nana’s Sweat Shoppe- it is so soft and she has such fun patterns to choose from.


I couldn’t resist this- IT HAS LAMAS ON IT!!!!!!! I die. I love it so much. It’s almost too cute for those baby boogies haha.

My babies were always so sensitive to shampoo and lotion products- they broke out easily with anything that was not natural and so when I heard that Young LIVING came out with a baby line I was so down.






I LOVE Young Living- it has changed my life for reals- Abigail Bowman is my hookup and if you are looking for yours she is perfect and will answer all your Young Living questions.

Head on over to enter 11436792 in both the sponsor and enroller fields And she will give you $20 cash back after you sign up for a Premium Stater Kit.


This is another item that is in my Hospital Bag.

I had to have a little set of bloomers for baby girl.

Because outfits are fun to have but realistically she will be living in onsies for the first couple months- especially in this summer heat.






I LOVE these darling bloomers from Johnny Banana Co.

Last but not least is ERGO BABY!!!

I love this brand so much.

They have such amazing products and all of which are on my must have list for baby girl.


They have amazing Baby Carriers, Strollers, Nursing Pillows, and Diaper Bags.

That’s just a sneak peek of things that I love for baby girl.






What are your must haves for when you are expecting. I would love to hear them!!!



















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