b a b y Essentials ( part #1 )

Before you were born baby girl-

We prepare in every way.

Getting your nursery together.

Buying diapers and trying to think ten steps ahead…

but this pregnancy brain last long after postpartum.

And so anything that makes motherhood and the first months of your life more easy and helps me take more time enjoying you then worrying about if I have everything I need- I’ll do it/order it.

I have come to L O V E subscription boxes- they are amazing- they have them for about anything you would need now days-


From everything that a mom needs to baby needs and Tiny Bitz is a gem!!


They send you the most amazing softest, cuddley, adorable clothes for your baby from birth to 12months in ONE box!!  They have many styles and each box is fitted to you and baby seasonally.


Roux is wearing the 0-3months onesie.

It is adjustable (the most coolest feature I’ve seen in a onesie) and super soft and breathable, perfect for this summer going into fall weather.


Check out their website here at : https://www.tinybitz.com/

And let me know what you think.


If you love organic, soft, durable and adorable clothing for your babies, and getting things in the mail (which for me is like Christmas when it happens) you will love TinyBitz.


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