From Birth to Five Months. Roux Marie Birth Story.

This pregnancy has been a rollercoaster of a adventure.

From conception to 30 weeks I was throwing up and experience nauseousness.

at 34 weeks I was in a car wreck that totaled my jeep

and at 37 weeks we bought and moved into our new home

The homestretch was here




Everyone- including myself was positive that she would make her appearance early- there was no way I would be overdue- joke on me.

She was a week overdue.

I tried to relax but that last week was torture waiting for baby girl to come.

I went hiking, bounced on a ball every night, did shot several photoshoots, walked hours around the mall and went on long walks with my love by lake Michigan, but nothing would make her budge- we tried everything…. e v e r y t h i n g.

And then August 21st on Tuesday night we had gotten some spicy hot wings for supper I started having contractions but not enough to cause me to wonder- plus by this time I was just done with hoping and then nothing happening- done with waiting- just done.

So I ignored them and went to bed.

Then around 4am I woke up and they were getting closer and closer and I couldn’t sleep but I still didn’t want to go in- but Evan was already up and getting our bags together and putting on clothes and told me we were going in- I am so glad he did because it was happening- even though I wasn’t convinced, even on the way to the hospital in the car I was like- nope its going to be a false alarm.

We arrived at the hospital and got settled in.

I wanted to do this natural- no pain medication.

But after five hours of painful labor my love told me something that changed my mind.

“Babe if you are refusing pain medication because of your pride please don’t.”

He was right- I was in so much pain, extremely tired, and so I got a to let me get a little rest and then three hours later it wore off and it was time to push. I pushed three times- and then the rest was a blur she was there the pain was gone and I felt nothing but euphoric relief and happiness.

She was so tiny- so much black hair, chubby, and perfect. so so perfect.

I laugh thinking back to what my doctor said “Okay that was easy she looks good to go home now.” Haha the nurses where like all saying no she has to stay 24hrs haha it was funny.

It was incredible. Evan cut the cord and was holding her- and the way he looked at her- my heart just was bursting.

We did it.

She laid on my chest and immediately started nursing.

No cries- throughout getting her changed and weighed this tiny perfect little one was just so calm.

Zoey and Poet came to meet her the next day and they couldn’t have been more thrilled. we video taped it and its my favorite memory ever.


Five months later she is the calm baby she was when she was born.

So incredibly easy and laid back.

Adored by her two wonderful sisters.


Here are some things Roux is loving at Five Months.

  1. Nursing- she loves all the milk. so pretty much attached at all times.
  2. Baby Einstein Mozart- She hears that music and is so happy to just watch that at any time its adorable.
  3. Scooting. She is determined to be mobile.
  4. Chewing on everything especially her feet.
  5. Her Sophia the Giraffe

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