Repurposing Furniture

We never do anything in a slow manner-  ( somedays we do- but most times not ) like darling we go all in or nothing.

And that is how last year went.

We got pregnant with our littlest baby girl, we moved two times and then bought a house, moved in two weeks before little Roux was born, and all the while my photography business was going strong and our two oldest beautiful girlies, Zoey and Poet had school, Soccer, and everything in-between. Not to mention that I did a wedding a week after Roux was born and there wasnt much of a break until Christmas… Last Year was CRAZY!!!

But Now these winter months have given us a break- (even a school break for the girls  because of all the snow we have been getting) and Now we can focus on renovating our home and make it our own.

I love Chip and Joanna Gains… like oh my heart she speaks to my soul.

But I do not consider my style FarmHouse- because ( and I say this with great love because Lord knows I love this store) Hobby Lobby is what I would consider FarmHouse- and I just am not all chicken and cows and pigs. Nothing wrong with it- my little animals in my home is my children they are enough for me.

But I love how Joanna creates this beautiful living spaces- and her home is a dream.

it inspires me… ANTHROPOLOGIE store inspires.

So my house is a little bit of this- and that and a whole lot of memories.

I love thrifting and remaking something- I recently did two projects and now I am just in love with how they turned out.

I had got this dresser five years ago from a thrift store that I made into our tv stand. And it was beautiful I loved it- still do and for the longest (five years) I didn’t want to change- but since we have been here and I love open and airy flow in my house I needed to change it.

I am so glad I did. It turned out wonderfully.

My next project was this old vintage wooden chest that my brother had given me and I used it as a coffee table.

Also something I loved the old charm and didn’t want to change and then decided to paint it white- and again I LOVE IT!!!!!

These kind of projects inspire me and I can’t wait to continue to work on our home and creating beautiful spaces for some beautiful memories.


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