Helping Your Kindergartener To Read.

Reading was big in my life growing up.

We were one of those families that didn’t watch a ton of movies, we didn’t watch alot of TV.

And so I went on my adventures with books. I loved it.

We were old school. lol

Hardy Boy Series

Nancy Drew

Anne of Green Gables

Little House on The Prairie

The list goes on.

Now with three darling girls of my own and two who are in Kindergarten and 1st Grade reading is what we are doing and learning to do.

My oldest LOVES to read and learn. Once something clicks she is off on her own. She learns very differently from my middle child and so I learned that even though these things worked with her I needed to find some different ways to help my little Kindergartener.


First off- if your child is five or six and isn’t reading that is OKAY… they are young and again every child learns at a different pace.

But I am trying to get my little girlie interested in learning and these are some ideas that I am doing that I thought I would share.

1st. Make It A Game.

My little darling is always on the move  and in a magical world of her own- and has no time to sit down and try to learn she has too much she wants to do OTHER then that.

Get little squares and write the Alphabet on them.

Place the squares throughout the room- and then ask them to find the letter that sounds like “buh”

Have them Hop, Skip, or Jump to the card.

This is also a fun way to help them get out their energy 😀

2ndHave Them Rhyme.

Rhyming helps with them to recognize sounds. Playing a Guessing Rhyming game is really fun for them and helpful, my Kindergartener loves this game.

Start them off with “What Rhymes with — Neat” they might say Beet or make up a word like Veet- which is perfectly okay and awesome for them.

3rd. Involve the Siblings.

Have Your older children read to the younger. Instead of screen time have them have some reading time with you or a sibling.

These are just a few fun things I have learned through their amazing teachers.

Teaching doesn’t come naturally to me and so finding things that are easy and that work is exciting.


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