Our School Closed in Michigan.

It’s been a weird couple days… mentally its been a little exhausting.

But I am so thankful to our community and the precautions our state has put in place for everyones safety and health.

Things I am doing during this Early “Spring Break” with my kiddos- which is how i’m choosing to look at it just with a lot more conscious effort with precautions that have been put in place.

It was book fair week at school and so my oldest, Zoey, came home from the last day of school for awhile with some new reading material.

She also has homework that she can do everyday that her teacher gave her while this staycation-isolation is going on.

My second oldest, Poet, also came home with some school projects- some craft supplies to build a leprechaun trap!!

This was a school project that she was really looking forward to and now she still can!!! And also Pancake day which they were going to have before this “staycation-isolation” came to be and so one thing I am doing is making sure we still can do that St Patty’s Pancake day at home.

If you are looking for some sources here is a link to Education Companies offering free subscriptions due to school closings.


We hear about continuing on with our day as normal- but this isn’t normal and ( kids would be in school and they’re routine is around that for us during the school year )

So for me looking at what they’re day looked like at school is helpful.

  1. Get ready for the day
  2. have breakfast
  3. play outside if weather is nice
  4. do some homework
  5. eat lunch
  6. constructive play ( doing something they love like reading, drawing, or even helping make a snack.)
  7. breathe enjoy being home and doing those little projects I have been wanting to do.

For me not letting the routine completely go out the window is calming and helps me not be overwhelmed with how I’m going to keep my kiddos busy- its what I do during summer break just with a little bit more seclusion and homework with some trusty lysol and hand washing.

One thing my girlies have been dying to do is creating their own youtube channel where they cook together.

I’m not sure how its going to go-or if it will really be on “youtube” but letting them make some cookies or treats- if that makes their little eight and six year old hearts happy I’m all for it.

GAME night is  definitely something we will be doing.

As this progresses we will see how our days go- but this is the plan we have.

This is a historical event and something that is really challenging me mentally with anxiety.

And it will probably be in the first thing in the history books that the first thing that people went bonkers over was toilet paper- I’m going to make this time for my kids to remember the good memories of being home and having fun together as a family…

also i think the reality that I wont be able to drink any wine during this time since i’m pregnant is sinking in haha well mamas drink one for me lol.

I’ll try to make some more posts showing what we are enjoying doing during this break at home.


May all our mama hearts have calm in this storm.


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*not a health professional just a mom with kids.

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