A look into our Staying Home time.

During this time of all of us being home together, nowhere to go, no plans outside just what the day brings at our little space- Ive gotten to take out my camera and capture more home-life through it’s lens.

I have wanted to do that more, but it has seemed that I only pick it up for clients and less and less at home, and I use my iPhone more for those things, and it’s been fun to just put my phone away.

So here is some captures of our month of march.

Its been full of learning the ropes of homeschooling, cooking, baking breads ( with no yeast lol )  exploring the outside and doing outdoor projects, doing indoor projects and all the arts, gardening we can get our hands on.

Zoey & Poet building a leprechaun trap for St. Patricks Day.


Sink Baths and Naps
My oldest and youngest beautiful babies, Plants, and Art, there is certainly beauty all around me. 


Everyones mood somedays.



I love this table we found right before everything went crazy, I feel like it was a hug from God. We found it on Fb market for a really crazy low price and its the perfect table for us. seeing all my little girlies around it drawing, doing schoolwork, eating around it as a family. Its been a place of peace and connection.

Yardwork time with Poet.

One thing about me is that I love all house projects, I love all gardening and yardwork projects. It makes me so happy. And so I started raking the our side fenced in yard and the girlies would come out and play and then sometimes help, it was really fun.

Afterwards when all the leaves piles were ready to be picked up it started to sprinkle rain a little- but it was so fun being outside doing this and refreshing to me, Poet came out and helped me and we talked and laughed, she jumped in the bags making sure they were all packed down.  And it made me so grateful for this time. That even in the midst of everything going on around us, we have this home and space to still create, work, and connect with each other.


Roux smelling the freshly baked cinnamon bread. 

And this is how our days looked this month.

I’ll be posting the cinnamon bread recipe sometime this week.

And i’ll end this post here.

Sending love to everyone.

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