About Me



Hi there,

I’m so happy you stopped by.

I am sitting on my couch in my livingroom- my tiny little baby Roux is sleeping on my lap and my other baby ( fur baby ) Dixie, our Australian Shepherd, is sleeping next to me.

The bright mid morning sun is streaming through my house and it is beautiful—

My cup of coffee on the other hand is now probably cold- I don’t own a microwave (not for any personal convictions- just don’t have one.) and so cold coffee it is. But if you stay around here- you will know that coffee, wine, and a good hamburger ( you would think I would say tacos- well that too- I love food. lol ) is something I cant live without. lol

I’m pretty sure if you have stumbled upon this little part of my world you already know I am a Wife & Mother, and I love to capturing these tiny moments that mean the most but are so fleeting.

I grew up in the Midwest, Nebraska, home sweet home. But moved to Michigan when I was 19. And Now I cant imagine living anywhere else.

This Northern Living is now etched into my soul and I crave seeing the trees bloom in spring and the world around me covered in overwhelming life.

Coming from a midwest girl where the sky filled the whole countryside- its a change.

Renovating our Old Style Colonial Home gives me life- and owning a Photography business is my passion- but above all Being Home and Family is what I love the most.

I hope you enjoy my stories of our life here way up North and I cannot wait to get to know you too.